Monday, 9 January 2012

Experimental Dyeing

At the end of last year I received several skeins of undyed sock yarn from Ravelry friends and once I got around to buying the dye, I was all set to do some serious yarn dying. I have only tried it once before and the result was very good. This time I wanted to try the sprinkle-dye method. At this stage the result for the yarn with 20% linen looked great:

The dye didn't spread enough, so I added some more, but ultimately it ended up in a disaster, looking more like this:

I could tell that the result would not be good. I had used orange, green and blue at this stage, but the whole thing started to look very murky. After some hours I got tired of it, added the rest of the orange dye and some red to new water and just left it to soak it up all night. Ah well. I call this colourway "Muddy Goldfish".

The other attempt with 75/25 sock yarn was better even though the yarn looked best while still in its bath:

Pretty colours! I used red, orange, pink, blue and purple in this one, which reminds me of confetti. The colours are not as strong as I had hoped, but I think the skein will look good once knitted up. I will post again when the skeins are dry and wound.

At the moment I am hand-dying 100% merino sock yarn in the microwave. I am just hoping the clingfilm won't melt! So far so good. There is just one more of three 2-minute rounds to go before I can rinse and check the results. While packed in clingfilm, the yarn looks really good and I love the colours so far. Fingers crossed!


  1. Dyeing is great fun. Did you use acid dyes? What kind of? I am hoping to see more of your "experiments" soon.

  2. I've once again used ordinary dye for fabrics/textiles because it is readily available near my place. I am thinking of getting more commonly used yarn dyes in the future though.