Monday, 19 December 2011

Woodland Hoodlet

Some time ago, I receoved the Woodland Hoodlet pattern as a gift in the German RAK group and I bought the yarn and needles for it soon after. I used Rowan Big Wool in Hot White, a colourway I normally would not go for. But white is a colour I associate with winter and the bulky quality of this yarn is so cosy that white seemed to be the ideal colour of all the ones I saw in the shop.

I started the hooflet 11 days ago, though of course I did not work on it every single day, so it is a very quick knit. The pattern is easy to read though I did need to get used to now working with a chart. How strange to think that there once was a time when I found charts to be daunting instead! The front cable section is not as complicated as it seems either. The one thing that was new to me was making the tassel, which I love, by the way. It's my favourite thing about the whole hoodlet!

The only thing that bothers me about it is that it does not look great on me. I suspected that might be the case, given that I am a large girl. I would have preferred the hoodlet to be longer, which might improve the whole look. I suppose that blocking it would make a difference, but I have no idea how to block this hoodlet properly, given that it is closed all the way around and I can't pin it out properly that way. I should have blocked it before sewing it up, really (which I thought of, but then did not do so I could finish the whole thing). The instructions do not mention blocking at all.

I made some modifications to the pattern. Firstly, I shortened the back because it would have been too wide otherwise. Secondly, I also shortened the hood although I now think it might have been all right at the original length. I just normally find that hoods are much too big for me. If I knitted the hoodlet again, I might make the cabled front one or two repeats longer. As it is, it looks like it is far too short and the stocking stitch back begins much too soon.

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