Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Swedish Fish Socks - Completed

There they are, my Swedish Fish Socks! I started them in October, believe it or not, and I only finished them now because I was so lazy. I never did any stranded socks before so I was expecting them to be more difficult and tighter than they turned out now. In fact, the socks are looser than most of my past ones.

Of course I made the obligatory mistake of knitting the second sock without consulting the pattern since the first had been so easy. That resulted in my having more stitches in the foot section and therefore two additional stripes on one side. Ah well, no one will see them but me (though it irks me that I know they're there!).
The socks are very pretty to look at and I love both yarns. Luckily, I still have loads left of both to perhaps make another pair of socks. For now, though, I am working on a completely different project: the Woodland Hoodlet. More on that another time.

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