Saturday, 8 October 2011

My First Jumper

I started knitting at the end of 2007 and, oddly enough, I taught myself to knit socks from the start. Some would say that is rpobably the most complicated thing to begin with and everything else is a breeze. For some reason, though, I never knitted a jumper and it was only this year that I found a pattern that I thought I could try: Rowan's Tender with Rowan Drift in the shade "Fire".

Of course it was impossible for me to just go ahead and knit according to the instructions. I don't know why I always keep changing stuff! However, in this case it was a good idea. I put the ribbing a little higher (seeing the picture below I would even like to have put it up a little higher than that to begin right under the bust) and lengthened the jumper. I also increased stitches in the lower section to allow for wide hips.

Yesterday I wore it for the first time and it was nice and snuggly warm. It will definitely come in handy in my cold office. Originally, the jumper was meant to fit very loosely, but I knitted size M which made it just the right snug fit. Mind, the chunky yarn has a lot of give in it.

I love the jumper! To me it doesn't even look like something I made myself, which is a good thing. I am very proud of it.

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  1. Congrats! The jumper really looks warm. And changing a sweater pattern to your own needs is always a good idea. I always need to adjust some things as well. That's because we are all individuals!