Thursday, 18 August 2011

Heart-shaped Pom Poms?

Yesterday at knit club Laura gave away a few of these pom pom makers because they apparently don't do what they are meant to do. Instead of heart-shaped pom poms, she said, you get ordinary ones. Since I still need to make a large pom pom for a hat I knitted almost two years ago, I bagged myself one of them.

So last night I tried making two pom poms, the first of which worked okay (but not great), resulting in a vague heart shape. The trouble is you still need to trim it into the right shape afterwards because you do not get a true heart shape out of it. A little pointless then, I'd say. The second one I made fell apart because I seem not to have tied it properly. Ah well. I guess if you want to make pom poms, a normal round one would be best, really.

I will use my pom pom maker when I need it even though it won't be too often. Though it's probably a good decorating idea for parties, Valentine's day and weddings.


Here is a video showing how to use the pom pom maker. Far too much trimming involved, if you ask me. Also, some things weren't even mentioned in the instructions that came with the tool.

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