Thursday, 18 August 2011

Bachforelle Reloaded

In the end I had to frog all of the original Bachforelle I had begun because the fish just didn't show up in the Noro yarn at all. It took me quite a while to decide to start all over again so I am not very far yet. Instead of Noro, I am using my favourite Fyberspates Scrumptious lace yarn, this time in teal. It looks lovely and the beads I used in it look like actual air bubbles. I look forward to the finished product even though it is going to take some time.

Thanks to Wendy, who already made a readable chart earlier, I now also have a chart for my own Bachforelle which is twice the normal width. I am rather math illiterate (or just plain lazy, really) and didn't figure out how to make such a chart myself, so I am very grateful to Wendy.

Both of us are knitting the same shawl though she will finish sooner than me simply because hers will be smaller than mine. I shall try my best to keep up!

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  1. You are doing fabulous and it's still anybodys' guess who's gonna finish first. True, mine's half the width of yours but you never know, you might knit twice as fast as I do. Might all even out in the end. ;D