Monday, 11 July 2011

When There's Nothing Else to Do

Since knitting the Bachforelle shawl came to a sudden halt thanks to the convoluted chart C I was about to start, I have had to spend my time doing other things such as spinning, beginning another shawl altogether, and making yet more stitchmarkers. Oh yes.

I subscribed to Bijoux Bead's newsletter yesterday and immediately got one with a 15% off voucher to spend in store. Luckily, today they are having a few beadmaking demos, so I went to the early one about earrings. It was simple, but also very interesting to see a "professional" handle all the bits and bobs. Though I couldn't find the right beads for a pair of earrings, I bought a tool kit instead (partly visible in image below) which later came in handy for the stitchmarkers too.

Today's first markers were a pair of knit and purl ones I have been wanting to make for ages. Having made them now, though, they seem rather plain. Still, they are fun and useful nonetheless and I will most likely keep them for myself instead of giving them away as gifts. (I am amassing a whole lot of markers now, which is a bit worrying considering how seldom I need them.)

Some funkier markers are the Bollywood style ones above. I have some more Bollywood type beads in other shapes and four colours and I can't wait to make them. Even though I bought a number of beads, I think I need to go and get some more to go with specific beads. I haven't always got the combo I want.

For now, these two sets must suffice. I will soon post about something other than markers, I promise!

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