Wednesday, 27 July 2011

RAK: Surprise Package

zimtschaf from Ravelery sent me a surprise package. I am actually waiting for two parcels so I didn't expect this one at all. It was a lovely surprise: zimtschaf sent me the rest of her Fimo and accessories so I can make more stitchmarkers (I will post pictures of my surprisingly good markers soon), fibre to spin with in exactly my kind of colours, beads, and a selection of teas. It was all packed inside a sturdy plastic lunch box that will be great for storing my Fimo in. My own box can't cope with the sheer amount of stuff I've got anymore. hte box was lined with some paper napkins and I especially like the ones with the knitting on them. Very apropriate.

Thank you, zimtschaf!

1 comment:

  1. und ich freu mich ja immer noch, dass ich dich überraschen konnte! wie schön, dass ich dir eine freude machen konnte !
    ganz viele liebe grüsse
    vom zimtschaf / elisabeth