Sunday, 3 July 2011

RAK Stitchmarkers

For some reason, I woke up bright and early on a Sunday morning and was ready for an hour of stitchmarker making. Well, more like a few minutes rather than an hour since they are quickly made. Yesterday, I managed to stock up on some nice beads because stitchmarkers are very popular in the German RAK group, though not in the UK one for some reason. I have three sets to send to people, one of them is the red beaded set I posted here before. The second set is one that was a pain to make because the holes in the pearls were too narrow to do what I wanted. Still, they do look lovely and I like the fish and elephant charms especially.

The third set was a bit of an improvisation because I hadn't planned to put the beads together like this. I bought the lef-shaped glass beads at Bijoux Beads, as usual, but the rest I already had. in fact, the wooden beads with the flowers on them and the green glass beads are from a necklace I was once given. I hated it because the cord was horrible and the colours were just not me either, so I took it all apart. The beads now come in very handy and I really like these markers.

I hope everyone likes their surprises. I know I would - everytime I make stitchmarkers, I end up wanting to keep them for myself.

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