Thursday, 14 July 2011

German RAKers Are the Greatest

Anke, a Raveler from Germany, sent me these little tags for my knitting this month. They are lovely and I always wanted to have some to add to gifts. I will have to think carefully about what I'll add them to in the end. They arrived just on time as I was leaving to go to knit club yesterday so I took them with me to show them off. Anke also sent me a little packet of clear rocailles beads (4 mm) that I might use for stitchmarkers (and earrings, my latest obsession) as well as knitting. Oh and she included a little packet of Haribo Goldbaeren! *squee* I know you can also buy them here, but these were proper German ones.

It is amazing how very generous German RAKers are, though of course the British ones are too. However, it is easier to get on with the German ones, I found, because they are less cliquish in the Ravelry group. I have no idea why that is! I have never spent as much time on Ravelry as I have since joining the group.

The orange fish stitchmarkers I made have now arrived in Austria where Sanarah is their proud new owner. I am hoping that the other two packets I sent the same day have also arrived in Germany.

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