Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fimo Fun

I often saw stitch markers made from polymer clay that I loved, but didn't want to buy. Last week I decided to try and make some myself and these are the results. Considering they are my first attempt, they turned out really well and I am very happy with them. I began with a sheep and have made quite a few more. People like them a lot so I will definitely be making more of them.

Mind, this sheep isn't entirely my own design. There is someone on Etsy who sells them though they are slightly different. However, our designs are so similar that you would definitely know I got my idea from her.

I especially like the maritime themed ones above and the mermaid turned out especially well. Some of them are also not my original idea, but for the most part they do look like my own work and not a blatant copy all round.

Since I really love sushi (great, now I have cravings after writing this) I thought I should give that a try too and it was surprisingly more difficult than I expected. Still, it turned out well and I particularly like the hand roll and the salmon nigiri. ... Now I am really hungry. I haven't had breakfast yet.

The rubber ducks were a quick and simple late night endeavor and they are very cute. All I need for all these markers are some rings to attach them to. I could even turn all my markers into earrings if I wanted to.

LinkThe muffins were my second ever attempt and they are yummy. The strawberry on top of one turned out well too and it is probably my favourite of the four. They do look entirely edible.

I intend to sell my creations though at the moment it isn't possible yet (need to set up Paypal first). However, I can already tell you now that I won't be opening an online shop since that hardly seems worth it with the fees involved. You'll find the markers on my Ravelry page (in projects) and can contact me there if you are interested. I only sell the ones still available on the project page. I will be making more from time to time though I won't stress myself about making loads in a specified period.

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