Monday, 11 July 2011

Bachforelle: First Picture

Not that there is much to see. I got through two charts, but had to stop before starting chart C because I just don't get it. Now I am waiting for Wendy to knit up to the same point so we can figure out how to continue. In the meantime I have started knitting the Seascape Stole to keep busy, making it in a lovely light shade of sea green.

Bachforelle is a beaded knit and that worked very well. It's not my first beaded project - it's the second -, so it's not an issue. The denim coloured beads are beautiful with the yarn. I am using Noro Kureyon sock yarn here and the colours are very pretty. The colour changes happen a lot quicker than I expected, but I am sure it will look great once the shawl is finished.

See? I said I would post about something other than stitchmarkers eventually!


  1. Great, you found appropriate beads over there. And I love the Seascape Stole. Such a beautiful pattern. Can't wait to see more of both projects!

  2. Yes, I'm playing Bachforelle catch-up. Heheheheeeee, they are going to be beeeeeeautiful!