Sunday, 17 July 2011

Another RAK and Another Stole

Just after I posted about my last gift from the German RAK group on Ravelry, another envelope arrived. Anja brought me some more metal tags from a jewelry fair in Germany. I now have loads! They will last me for years, I think. She also added three stitchmarkers that I have added to my steadily growing box of homemade markers.

Also, I went into The Works yesterday just to have a look around and found such metal tags in the handmade card section. I now definitely have enough. Finally, I also have a storage box for beads and other odds and ends. Need I mention that it is already full? It doesn't help that I keep going to the bead shop all the time, though I try to use up what I buy immediately.

In other knitting news, I have made progress with the Seascape stole, but today I had to undo a third of it again because I made a mistake while changing from written to charted instructions. I realised it once I looked at the pattern and noticed it didn't look anything like it was supposed to. Unravelling Rowan kidsilk haze is very difficult and slow because of its fuzziness, but I managed it eventually.

Now a third shorter than before, I can continue with the pattern tomorrow. It shouldn't be too long before I am back where I left off, really, because reading the chart is far easier. The written instructions drove me crazy and I constantly lost my place in them. I had to concentrate far too hard on them while the chart is just better in order to visualise where you are and how the stole is meant to look.

Since Anke sent me some clear beads, I wanted to add them to the stole, but it turns out I am 99 beads short even for just the edging, so no luck there. It will just have to do without them and it looks really good in the nice sea green shade I am using.

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