Friday, 29 July 2011

Another Gift

It is a very rare thing that you meet such a bunch of very generous people: the German RAKers are amazing. It seems to me as though I am hardly posting about anything else lately.

Yesterday I received yet another package from Germany, this time from Ravelry's pombaer, who had warened me that something was coming my way. She sent me some pretty beads, a stitch marker, earring hooks I can use for my jewelry making, German chocolate (yum!), lovely loose green tea with orange that I am drinking right now, and a useful recipe card I will have to try out sometime soon.

I am looking forward to next month when people list their new wishes and I hope to send a few RAKs their way again as well. It's just a lovely feeling to give and receive things out of kindness alone. It makes me go all fuzzy.

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