Thursday, 16 June 2011

Time for a Change

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Since starting this blog, I have changed the background and layout quite a few times. While the layout itself remained constant towards the end, the backgrounds didn't and once again I have felt that the blog needed a bit of a make-over.

Previously, I got my backgrounds from The Cutest Blog on the Block which features a number of usually very colourful templates. I found that most of them are too busy and distract from the content of my blog, so a plainer background seemed more sensible. It turned out that choosing one of Blogger's own templates was best and with a little bit of tweeking, here we are. A little dark perhaps, but for now it will do. I may choose a dark grey at some point, but right now black it is.

In other news, I almost missed knit club for the first time ever yesterday. I had been tired all day and even exercising in the morning didn't help at all. I was too sleepy to even contemplate walking half an hour to be social and working on my lace. In the end, I convinced Mark to walk me there, which for some reason was fine. So in the end I did go even though I had mentioned in our Ravelry group that I wouldn't be there this time.

Oddly enough, I was wider awake at knit club than I had been all day and made good progress on my lace edging. It shouldn't be long now till I get Print o' the Wave done. A few days ago I bought some foam playmats like this one that I can use for blocking, so all I need are some more pins and probably some string since I can't seem to find suitable thin rods to thread through the knitting. Almost set!

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