Sunday, 26 June 2011

New Bag! New Badge!

I've been turning into the stereotypical woman lately, I realised. First, I noticed I had more shoes and boots than anyone would ever really need, but I blame that on the boot and shoe comany I used to work for at the time. And now I seem to like bags. I have been told not to buy any more and at today's local antiques and vintage market I was almost physically forced away from the booth with all the love huge raffia bags that would just be absolutely perfect for my yarn stash. (Yes, it's true, I am finally - though unintentionally - collecting an actual stash).

So this week I walked through Little Southgate, a part of Bath's Southgate complex I usually ignore, and there, in front of Endangered Madagascar, was a pile of raffia bags in all colours, shapes and sizes. Not only that: there was a sale too! There, I got this beauty for all of £10.

The bag is incredibly spacious so I am making it my knit club bag in which I can carry whatever I need on Wednesday evenings. The inside has a pretty lining of patterend blue and white fabric, with two little pockets added for a phone and other little odds and ends. The handle and the corners of the base are made of real leather and remind me old-fashioned suitcases.

Since I was on my way to Wool Bath at the time, I popped in and finlly, FINALLY bought this cute badge from Sumptuosity. I have been wanting "Knit happens" for ages now. As you can see, it now has a place of honour on my knit club bag.

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