Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Day of Random Acts of Kindness

Last night was knit club night again so of course I have something to write - and there are pictures!

I came to Wool Bath in the hopes of getting into a better mood by being in the company of fellow knitters. I'd had a bit of a dispute online with someone who is the perfect example that the words "With all due respect" can only have a disrespectful outcome. Never mind that now, though. Off I went to knit club and I was greeted by the usual suspects and a button Laura made for us all:

Isn't it pretty? Maybe I should commission one that says DomiKNITrix one day since a friend gave me this monicker recently.

Speaking of friends, knit club has a new member of the furry variety (courtesy of Mark's mum), who is very evidently an avid knitter. That said, I have never seen him knit, but he does like to snuggle up in some UFOs or among balls of yarn. I am sure he will be very happy in his new home among my knitting. I've provisionally named him Camembertie, simply because a few of our teddies have names ending with -bert and I couldn't come up with anything different. So Camembertie it is.

In other news, I have joined two groups on Ravelry that I didn't know existed and only found by chance. They're the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) groups for the UK and Germany. There, people can make a wish every month and someone may fulfill it just because they feel like it, asking for nothing in return. Since I love giving gifts and this also seems like the perfect way to pass on things others may want though I may no longer be keen on them, I just had to join.

The German group only just started, so it is all new, but already I can tell the people are lovely and very generous. I have selected an unsuspecting giftee who will receive the stitchmarkers above. I made them earlier today and will try to find a pretty postcard to add to them. I bet she isn't expecting anything all the way from England!

The markers are made of four pink glass beads, two small plastic beads, two small metallic glass beads, tiger's eye and garnet. I do love making markers, but I can't keep them all to myself because I don't need them that much, so the RAK groups are perfect for making new ones just to give away.

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