Saturday, 11 June 2011

A Day of Gifts

This postman delivered this parcel this morning and it is my first ever RAK gift! Grosi from Ravelry's German RAK group fulfilled my wish for a shawl pin. More than that, she sent not only one, but two! I love both of them: one is from KnitPro and made of its lovely multicoloured wood while the other has a shape that is reminiscent of Maori designs, which is perfect for someone like me who has written a book about particular aspects of the culture. I can't wait to wear my shawl with one of these pins!

Grosi also added a matching sock yarn, which is lovely, some chocolates and a box of green tea, just when I ran out of teabags. I was not expecting to get anything this month because it was my first time in a RAk group and nobody had mentioned sending anything my way. So it was a wonderful surprise and it proved to be the start to a wonderful day.

In the morning I also managed to post my RAK gift to another German Raveler who I hope will love her present. In the afternoon I got an email from a member of the group who said she would send me her leftover balls of pink mohair. Can the day get any better? I think not!

The weather is perfect, me and Mark had a lovely picnic in the sun, and gifts are being sent and received around the globe. Just perfect for today's Knit in Public Day!

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