Sunday, 12 June 2011

Better Late than Never

For some reason I never took pictures of my last winter hat and as far as I know I didn't even mention it before. I started it probably sometime in December 2010 while working for my last employer. Since I often had to wait for the bus or my lift on the way to work and back, I spent ages in the cold. It's no surprise I fell ill so often. Eventually, I decided to get some lovely Noro Silk Garden (colourway 211, I believe) to knit a plain and simple winter hat.

Sadly, I didn't have enough yarn for the pompon I had planned to make and I haven't got any other suitable yarn to use here. I would love to add it at some point just to finish the look.

As it is, the hat is incredibly warm and lovely in the cold. It is a little too big for my head, especially now that I have short hair, but I didn't feel like reknitting the whole thing. At the moment, my glasses are the only thing keeping it from slipping over my eyes.

What I could do if I really wanted to is sew an elastic into the edge of the hat, but somehow that just seems wrong. I guess I will just have to live with the looseness and be glad that my ears are no longer in danger of getting frostbite. For some reason, winter in England seems more of a health hazard than winter in Germany!

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