Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Progress and Further Projects

Print o' the Wave is progressing nicely and I am working on the edging now. It is a bit frustrating how the edging alone is done with two different methods: picking up all the stitches around the edge and knitting around it only to knit the lacy edging onto it by knitting the last stitch of the WS rows together with the shawl. I would have preferred to do it all in one go and seeing how this very same pattern seems to show up under different names on Ravelry, I wouldn't be surprised if someone had actually done it. That really annoys me.

Anyway, it should be done in a short while unless I get distracted. That said, I am not in any particular hurry at the moment. Also, I haven't yet bought the beads I need for the next project.

Right now I am waiting to buy The Knitter's fourth issue from a Raveler so that I can finally knit the Katerina Shawl I saw in it. This was the first issue I decided not to buy because there was only one pattern in it that I liked. However, I kept thinking about that shawl so I simply have to have it now. One thing I better not think about is the cost of the yarn needed for it!

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  1. It's always the same: The patterns you cannot have that easily are the ones that hunt you at night just in order to persuade you of the following: "Buy me, buy meeeeee."

    I cannot imagine knitting the border onto a shawl the "Shetland way" (like it seems you have to do). I love the Estonian way but a lot of people do not like sewing. The first of my two borders has already been sewn on. Yahoo!