Thursday, 12 May 2011

A Maritime Theme

In my last post I wrote about the pattern for Kleine Bachforelle that was confusing me. I think I may have found the problem now: my printer. While asking for help with the patterns at yesterday’s knit club, I realised that the boxes in the chart that looked like knit stitches actually had faint marks in them. My printer’s fault entirely. It turns out that those boxes were meant to be YOs, which explains my confusion. Let’s hope that is all the trouble I will have with this pattern because I am very much looking forward to knitting it. I will need to pre-knit it, I think, just to see how it goes. Until then I won’t buy the beads I plan to use, though the wait is killing me.

Since I seem to have been bitten by the bead bug now, I couldn’t resist having a look at Bijoux Beads in Bath yesterday. At first I was just trying to find beads for the pattern, but, as I suspected, they do not sell those. Instead, I got drawn in by all those colourful beads around the room and ended up buying some to make fishy stitchmarkers to go with Kleine Bachforelle.

The fish charms are in silver and gold and I am actually thinking about using them along the edges of Kleine Bachforelle in the end. Very tempting! The golden fish stitchmarkers have an aqua goldstone square bead that seemed far too large at first. In the end, it turned out to be an excellent match for the fish, though. For the silver fish, I used peacock glass trumpet beads instead that look a little undersized in comparison. They are still lovely markers nonetheless. Each marker uses white glass pearl beads (4 mm) as separaters, and they are strung onto a light blue tiger tail thread. To hold everything in place, I simply used silver crimp beads. Et voila!

These markers were quick to make and one of the ladies at the knit club said I ought to make some and sell them on Etsy. Maybe someday. I am already using these ones for Print o’ the Wave.

Speaking of which, I have finally taken a photo of this work in progress. Seems a bit pointless as you can’t see the pattern until it is all done and blocked. Still, you can see the lovely soft and shiny Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace yarn here. It is beautiful to knit with and the best thing is probably to use wooden needles with it. I am not, so the yarn is quite slippery. By now I have finished 30 of the 37 repeats I need before I can knit the edging. Not far to go now!

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  1. Der "Print" sieht schon mal sehr vielversprechend aus. Tolle Farbe!