Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fyberspates Yarn and an Annoying Stole

At this week's knitting club I finally gave in and bought a skein of Fyberspates lace in cherry red. I love how soft this yarn is and I had more use for the laceweight rather than the stunning chunky yarn, though I hope to get that as a birthday present (fingers crossed).

Since I have a lot of favourite lace patterns saved on Ravelry, I had a lot to choose from too. In the end, I decided on Print o' the Wave. I am still not too sure if that was a good idea or not! So far I have only knitted two repeats of the centre panel and I keep ending up with an extra stitch at the end of two rows. I have no idea why this happens because I am following the pattern thoroughly. Also, when I test knitted the pattern in a smaller version, it worked fine. So at the moment I am just keeping on and have to k2tog at the end of those two rows. I am hoping it won't mess with the overall pattern and will look fine. At this point it is hard to tell.

At least I have found the errata for the edging I will be knitting at the very end. Let's hope that part won't prove to be even worse to manage!

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  1. Lovely stitch pattern. The Estonian version (which is more or less the same, I guess) is already on my list. ;) Can't wait to see your result.