Friday, 4 March 2011

Day of Fails

Ah well, it is not my day today.

First, I realised that I made a huge mistake in the second Kai-Mei sock. For some reason I misplaced the lace section and did not realise it until I was about to start on the toe. Soooo rip went half the sock. Onwards and upwards.

Then, I ventured into town to visit the local yarn shop to look for suitable yarn for the Emmaline jumper. I've finally found a top that looks like a quick and easy start into the mysteries of jumper knitting and what happens? Yup, that specified yarn is not available in the UK and it looks like anything with cotton does not come in the weight I need. Hurrah. Who knows if I will ever get to knit it now.

And finally, I managed to torture myself with all the lovely yarns that I would love to buy, but, being the sensible type, I left the shop without any of it. *sigh*

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