Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Mojos for the Bin

So, the time has come to reknit my Mojo socks because we managed to shrink my first pair in the wash. I say we, though it was Mark who washed them in the mashine, but it was me who didn't mind. Yikes. Now they are so tight I can't get them on any longer and they rest in the bin.

Now, luckily I just got new sock yarn for Christmas and one large ball of it is a nice green with multicoloured stripes. It is perfect for Mojo and I am already on the second sock. This one is proving to be rather difficult, which is why I haven't continued knitting for about a week - that and the fact that I just had surgery a week ago and couldn't sit up very well.

But I do intend to finish them! I am considering openieng the first sock again because it turned out a little tight over the arch, but I am not sure. It doesn't help that I worked this pair without the pattern and simply went for it. Ah well, I'll get them done sometime or another.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no, what a bother! But I think the new ones will be even better than the old ones. :)