Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Kai-Mei in Progress, the Knitting Club, and a Bear in a Bag

Having found Cookie A's Sock Innovation book in the local library, I started knitting her Kai-Mei socks at my first knit club meeting last week. They are pretty easy to knit, but the yarn I am using is definitely too colourful for the lace panel to come through. Still, I knew that before I started and I wasn't going to buy new sock yarn just now.

Above you see a picture of these socks from Cookie's book. I love how the lace travels around the top of the foot. I have completed the entire length of lace on the first sock now and should be able to finish sock number 1 today. Sock number 2 should be done fairly soon as well since I will have a lot of time to spare as of this Friday when I leave my job (hurrah!).

The knitting club meeting last week was good fun. It was weird that nobody apart from the shop owner actually introduced themselves to me so I have no idea who the others are. I hope that will change soon. Today is another meeting and I am really looking forward to it.

Currently, I am also knitting a teddy from Patons' knitting kit that Mark's mum gave me for Christmas:

I wonder if it will actually look the way it does on the picture in the end. I am a bit worried about making the eyes and nose. The knitting itself is straight forward. Perhaps I will take this to the knitting club today just so I can finish the body. I have to do 45 rows of plain k and p rows, over and over, so it is rather a mindless occupation that is best suited for film nights or meetings of any kind when you can get your mind off the monotony of endless k and p.


  1. Glad you found a knitting club nearby. Can't wait to read more about it.
    Isn't the hairy yarn for the bear hard to knit with? Can you see the individual stitches properly?

  2. That eyelash yarn is almost impossible to knit with! Today I realised I had dropped a stitch and needed ages to find it again some rows down. I don't like it, but the result should be good. I wouldn't buy this kind of yarn, however.

    Today's knitting club was good fun again and I wish I could have stayed longer, but I have work tomorrow. Next time I intend to stay later.

    I think I will write more about the knitting club in a separate entry at some point. It is very interesting and there is a lot of chat. Strangely, more knitting gets done than during our meetings in Giessen, though.