Sunday, 24 October 2010

wool: Bath's Premier Knitting Emporium

Bath finally has it's own proper yarn shop! I only discovered this in the local papers this week, so the first thing I did on Saturday was go and have a look at it. Luckily, it is very central and therefore easy to get to. I suspect I won't be needing to go all the way to Brislington anymore from now on.

wool only just opened in October and it is great to be able to go into a shop, see and feel the yarn before buying. Online shopping just can't offer the same experience. and you know what you will get. Aside from a lot of the yarn you would expect to find in a good yarn shop, I was happy to see a few fancier things as well. Oh, and they have KnitPro too! Hurrah!

I am looking forward to any new yarns they may be getting in the future and especially the knitting groups and workshops promised to come. (I really do miss being able to go to such gatherings ever since I left our knitting group in Germany). The shop is small, but very cosy - love the sofas! - especially on a day as rainy as the day I first stepped inside it. It is definitely worth a visit and I am sure I will drop by again now and then to have a look around and stock up. I haven't felt this excited about knitting in a long time!

PS: The Big Knit has extended its deadline now - too bad I already posted all of my mini hats. If you have some more you can drop them in person at Age Concern or wool. If only I had known!

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  1. We miss you, too! ;)
    So great that you have a yarn shop nearby now!