Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Big Knit - Time's Up!

87 little hats for The Big Knit 2010 are now complete and on their way to Innocent Smoothies. The deadline is October 4 so I finished them in good time. There are a variety of hats in the mix, some fruit themed, a couple of animals, numerous improvised designs and some taken from pattern books. I don't think I have a favourite because there are so many that turned out really nicely.
The more complicated ones are definitely among the best because the designs turned out well even on such a small scale. They were much more fun to knit than easy ones because they posed a bit of a challenge. Also, it allowed me to use up some of the yarn I had left at the bottom of the bag, knowing it would never be used for anything larger than these hats.

Figures are harder to do, especially without any patterns. That is why I only made two of them, though I am especially proud of the bunny. I have seen some of the amazing designs featured on The Big Knit's Hat of the Week page. Wish I had the patience and patterns for those!

I like knitting lace, but most of those patterns don't work very well on little hats. These were among the last ones I knit because they were quick to do.

The first ones I knit, however, were fruit themed and my favourite is the watermelon design featured on the bottle below. Inadvertently, I also ended up making a courgette, complete with little yellow flower on top. In fact, it was meant to be a random design with pretty flower, but it wouldn't quite work the way I had planned.

The other kind of random design simply consisted of various bits of yarn put together and experimenting with the edges.

I enjoyed making these and it was a simple thing to do for a good cause. I hope that we will have helped lots of people with this event. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the little hats on bottles in the supermarket this winter and I hope I will remember to take part again next year.