Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Big Knit 2010

At last I won't miss out on The Big Knit!

In the past two years I only heard about it too late and it was only by chance that I thought of it again. For information on how to join this charity project supported by Innocent Smoothies, click here.

So now I am busily knitting little hats. I have no idea how many I will have in the end, but I have loads of leftover yarn that will be handy for these fast items. Right now I am mainly making them while watching the whole series of Buffy from beginning to end. And since I start my new (old) job later this month, my future lunch breaks will be filled with knitting too.

I will have to come up with new pattern ideas soon because I have now done everything I can easily think of. My favourite hats so far are the strawberry and watermelon ones. In my next post I shall add some pictures.

It'll be fun!