Monday, 1 March 2010

Unravelling Socks

Having decided that the Outside In socks were far too tight, I had to unravel them again. Ah well. At least now I have cast on Magic Mirror which I have been wanting to knit for a while. Let's hope these work out all right! I also hope they have enough stretch if I do knit them with the 2 mm needles recommended in the instructions. Of course I only noticed that once I had cast on with 2.5 mm ones, how typical.

This week I will be in Edinburgh on holiday and since I am going there by train, I will have about 6 hours of knitting time. I am glad I am not flying and have to leave my knitting in my suitcase instead.

Still have no idea how to block my cardi other than waiting till I can buy some rods to do it with instead of pins. This is just a matter of months, I can tell.