Thursday, 16 July 2009

Disenchanted with The Knitter

I recall my review of the first issue of The Knitter. By now there have been 7 issues of which I bought only 5. Issue 4 had just one pattern in it that I desperately wanted, but I thought that didn't warrant spending £6 on the whole mag. Now I regret it because I haven't been able to get it anywhere else. I was very disappointed with that particular issue, but luckily the next one was okay again. However, issue 7 was even worse - with nothing it it that was of interest to me at all! I still find that hard to believe, but it was all just awful. I am hoping that the one due by the end of the month is going to be better so that I can buy it again. I hate not having the entire series so far, but then it is a lot of money to spend on a magazine and I can't justify the purchase if I know I won't be using the patterns.

What annoys me about the magazine is that every issue needs errata in the end. What's the point of buying it if what's in it isn't correct? Also, I do not think that the patterns are actually particularly difficult. Some are very easy and certainly not just geared towards the experienced knitter despite the magazine claiming it to be so. I am glad there is Ravelry, which has loads of things for everybody, a lot of it for free. Also, why do people sell old issues on Ebay for twice the original price? In the UK even?

In future, I shall proceed as I have so far and only buy the issues I actually find useful. It may leave me with gaps in my collection quite often, but my little money is too dear to me to squander it on The Knitter every month. I could get 5 secondhand books at the local charity shop for that money!

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  1. I only have the previous issue. I thought it was ok but I wasn't too enthusiastic about it either. Haven't knitted anything from it and don't know if I will ...