Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Mitred Towel

At long last I am back again with a new post! I must admit I haven't been knitting very much and that the main project I am working on at the moment is a baby blanket for a friend due at the end of July. That means I am not in a hurry and I don't have much else to knit at the same time.
After finishing the tea cosy I started on a mitred towel from Mason-Dixon, which you can see above. I just finished another one in green and yellow too and shall add the images once I get back home in two weeks. At present Mark and I are house-sitting for friends while they get married in Barbados, so somebody has to take care of the pets.
  • 5mm circs
  • a ball of Sugar 'n Cream yarn and some leftovers to add to the loop if desired
  • rowcounter

It is a quick and easy knit and nothing that requires a lot of attention either. It kept me busy for a day or two when we really needed more towels in the kitchen. I am getting rather domestic.

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