Monday, 30 March 2009

Very British

Bear with me while I try to figure out how to add pics from this computer which doesn't seem to allow me to do things as usual.


  • 85 g Sugar 'n Cream, colourway 19605
  • a bit of spare Sugar 'n Cream Stripes for the string and bobbles, colourway 23143
  • 5 mm circs
  • row counter

This tea cosy is the first project I finished since my move to England and how fittingly British it is! I used the Rosie Posy Tea Cosy pattern from The Knitter as a guide though I certainly didn't stick to it. It was useful as a general outline of what I wanted to do. Basically, my tea cosy is merely a ribbed tube with two slits in it for handle and spout. That's it. I pulled yarn through the top and added bobbles for decoration, so it was a very quick and easy knit. I wasn't sure whether it would work well for keeping tea warm as it seems to be rather thin despite the thick cotton yarn. I am happy to say that it does work nicely and that I had warm tea for a change all evening yesterday.


  1. Really, really British. The Queen will be proud of you.
    Teacosys are quite old-school, I should make a "wild" & unusual one for my pot, too. :) We'll see ...
    I had invited you to join the group "cuppa tea" on ravelry. I think, you were not able to read the message.
    Have a great day. Is the sun shining over there, too?

  2. I don't know. Isn't the world big enough now for one world yarn? Must we really have nationalistic yarn and fabric? Isn't British, German, and American yarn all the same across the universe? Can't we all just get along?

    Nice tea cosy though, Nadia.

  3. LOVE the Tea cozy!! You should sell some on etsy~:o)