Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Not Without My Handbag

The hairdresser may have ruined my hair, but at least I can take my mind off it by knitting this wonderful handbag. Yes, even though the pattern is from The Knitter's cushion covers featured in issue 1, I decided to turn it into a handbag instead. Since I still have the handles that were included in the knitting set Mark's mum sent me and I never knew what on earth to do with this fuchsia cotton yarn, this has turned out to be the perfect project for both.
At first it took me ages to knit only a few rows, especially because the bobbles took a long time to do. By now, however, the knitting is easier and quite a bit faster so that I may well finish the bag before my move to England, which I never expected. This is my first project from The Knitter and I am looking forward to trying some more at a later date.
The bag is looking very good so far, but I shall probably have to block t a little bit since the corners seem a bit curly. I am not sure this yarn will block easily, but I shall give it a try anyway.


  1. Oh, I am excited! A bag!!! And again a very lovely colour. Where do you have the fuchsia yarn from?

  2. The yarn is Catania from Schachenmayr. I'm glad Ravelry has the stash feature, otherwise I wouldn't have remembered what yarn this was since I threw away the label by accident recently!