Thursday, 19 February 2009

WIP: Mix n Match Socks

This is my first post as a Dr Nadia, so perhaps I should name my current project something suitable. For now, however, they remain my Mix n Match Socks that I began the day before my doctoral defence. I really like how the first one is coming along; in fact it is looking much better than I expected. The pattern is improvised and it's been ages since I last knit toe-up even though it used to be my favourite method. By now that has changed and I prefer cuff-down socks instead even though that kitchener stitch to sew the toe section together always drives me mad. I am getting better at it, though.
I am only using leftover yarns since I don't have enough of each to make anything much. One sock is this red one featured here, with Noro stripes. The other will be blue with Noro mixed in as well. The red one is almost done and I am looking forward to finishing the other soon so I can wear them both.

And I must say it is fantastic to have sunshine again! We still have lots of snow over here and it is very cold, but at least the sun is out all day. I was very lucky yesterday and had an equally sunny day during my defence. It couldn't get any better! The pictures come out much nicer in this light as well, which is encouraging. I hate taking awfully dark pictures just because the light is never right.

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