Saturday, 7 February 2009

WIP: Chevrolace, Almost Completed

Here are some quick pictures of the first Chevrolace with separate toe that I finished earlier today. It took me two attempts to get both toe sections right because I originally made them a bit too short. Now they fit well and I can hardly wait to finish the other sock so I can finally wear them with my flipflops. Expect some (I hope) better photos next time!
I am still quite disappointed by the lace pattern that really doesn't come through very well. Luckily, I am not too bothered about this yarn anyway so that the real reason I am looking forward to these socks is the toe. In the end I could have cast on fewer stitches that I did, but that's all right. It just turned out to be a very wide sock - it's comfortable though.

Soon I will have to find my good pair of flipflops. I think I lost them somewhere under the bed and can't get at them.

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