Saturday, 21 February 2009

Socks and Circs

This is just a teaser for my next post which will feature photos of my finished socks. I've yet to weave in the ends because I was rather in a hurry, knitting while cooking. It's a miracle nothing was burned in the process. Both scks fit perfectly as far as I could tell from trying them on before binding off the last one of the two. Exciting!

Not so exciting are the new circs I bought at Lidl today, but then what do you expect? I was unaware of them selling anything knitting related, but they happened to have lots of that terrible fuzzy eyelash yarn, two pattern books that were sealed and couldn't be looked into, and they had a few crochet hooks and knitting needles. Since I've been thinking of trying to knit two socks at once on a pair of circs, I just spent the € 1.99 on each set. Well, you can knit with them, but they feel very odd and aren't particularly smooth. I wouldn't recommend them unless you really want such circs badly and won't be able to afford any others for a while.

The good thing that came of the shopping trip was that the circs reminded me of my grandma's knitting needle collection. Since she doesn't knit anymore, she said I could have it and the best thing is that the circs come in this very nice green box. I'll probably need to close it with a rubber band as it only fits loosely; I am definitely keeping it.

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  1. Na, da sind die alten Nadeln sicher qualitativ hochwertige als die ollen Lidl-Nadeln ... ;)