Saturday, 14 February 2009

Flipflop Chevrolace

As promised, here are the new pictures and details to my Chevrolace socks. I knit these from the top down over 84 sts (way too many, I realised!) and substituted my own heel. The reason for starting from the cuff is that I wanted to split the toe section in order to wear these socks with flipflops when it is sunny enough to spend more time outside in the graden, but too cold without socks. Since I’d never done that before, this was a new experience, but it was fairly straight forward and easy. I really don’t like this yarn’s colourway though.

  • 100g Schoppel-Wolle Admiral Ombré, colourway 1962 ombré
  • 2.5 mm DPNs
  • row counter


Heel set-up:
R1: k 45 sts
R2: p 45 sts

1. (sl1, k1) k1
2. sl1, p all repeat till row 30
Pick up and knit (ktbl) 15 sts + p1

Heel stitches:
First k3 and transfer those sts to the instep instead.
1. (RS) k 26, k2tog, k1, turn
2. (WS) sl1, p7, p2tog, p1, turn Repeat 1 and 2 till 16 sts for gusset are left

Gusset decrease:
1. k2tog, k1 / k1, ssk
2. k all. Repeat both rows till 39 sts on each side (instep and sole)

Knit instep in pattern till desired length, the sole is plain. End on row 8 before toe section.

Big toe section:
Pick up 14 sts from sole, 14 sts from instep, CO 5 extra sts and knit all k 18 rows, then start decreasing (k2tog) every other round after row 21: weave thread through remaining sts and weave in ends

Remaining toe section:
Pick up 8 sts, k all and decrease one side (outside) as follows: (k2tog, k2, ssk); k all the rest; 21 rows total

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  1. Ich liebe flip flop socken, und diese sind ganz schön.