Friday, 6 February 2009

Review: The Knitter

When Mark came over last week, he brought the new magazine The Knitter from Future Publishing with him. I'd been looking forward to it very much and now that I have read it I am very impressed and keen on getting my hands on the next issues too if I can.

Since the magazine prides itself on being more sophisticated than most other knitting magazines, even the quality of the paper and images is excellent, I was happy to see. The photos are clear, nicely composed, and bring out the patterns of jumpers, cardigans, bags and pillowcases perfectly. There is a good variety of patterns all centred around this issue's topic "Cable and Lace". Of all 12 patterns there are 6-7 I'd be interested to try sometime, which is far more than usual and literally unheard of. It helps that these are patterns for the experienced knitter, too. Another good thing about The Knitter is that each issue will be featuring an item for men. I especially like the zippered Nevis men's cardigan they included this time.

Apart from the patterns, the first issue includes an interview with the designer Belinda Boaden, a profile of the bloggers Mason-Dixon, suggestions for books and yarns, readers' letters and gallery, a list of retailers, as well as the chance to win a goody bag and more little things of interest. Another of my favourites is the featured masterclass introducing the Turkish cast-on that was new to me even though I had heard of it before. The instructions are perfectly clear with lots of images to ilustrate the steps.

I'm not too happy with the price of 5.99 Pounds, but given the magazine's good quality I'm afraid it's justified. The first issue has some serious printing errors, including the next issue's date being wrong not just once, but twice so that you don't actually know when it comes out. But these are birth pangs that are minor - though annoying - and will, I hope, have subsided by the next issue. I am hoping there are no errors in the printed patterns, though I won't find out till I try them. And then there is this minor quibble: I'm not convinced the magazine's logo is very suitable since it seems better for a simpler knitting magazine such as Future Publishing's first one (whose logo I am also unhappy about, come to think of it). Unfortunately, it doesn't convey the sophistication of The Knitter and seems a little too carefree. I would have preferred something more elegant.

As I said, I am looking forward to the next issue that has just come out this month. I won't be seeing it till I move to England sometime in the next two months, so I need to be patient. Still, it sounds like it will be worth it: the topic is "Colour and Fair Isle", which should appeal to me even more. I'm particularly curious about the featured Victorian lace wrap, lace socks, and the short-sleeved Fair Isle jumper. Exciting stuff!

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