Wednesday, 25 February 2009

At Mr Jones' for the Last Time

It's been a wonderful time with my local knitting group every month and it is a pity I only found them a few months ago. Today's get-together was very probably my last one since I plan to move to England before the end of next month. So this day was a chance to see everyone one final time and say goodbye in person instead of via the interweb.

Unfortunately, I arrived two hours later than scheduled, which left me with very little time. I also met a university friend there and left the group to chat to her about her PhD studies. In the end the first people left just before I got back to the group again, which is a pity, really. Still it was much better to have been there at all than to not have seen anyone before leaving the country.
A lot of socks were being knit in my corner and I was able to take a look at Nina's patten book of lace shawls. She has chosen a very beautiful pattern to work with that I thought was the best of all the featured ones. A large section of it consists of a leaf pattern that I liked especially, and it had one of the nups many of the other shawls had. After knitting my Swallowtail I have had enough of nups for now. It's not that I mind knitting them, but I only like looking at them if there aren't too many in one piece.
You can tell that the days are getting longer again because we don't end up knitting in the dark anymore. We had good light and left just as it got dark. There was a brief discussion about possible new times for meetings that I couldn't contribute to since it no longer concerns me, of course. I will be interested to see what they decide. I hope to come back again if I get the chance when I come over on holiday in the future. It would be lovely to meet up again and knit and chat as we have done in the past.

Even though German Rail was on strike again today it didn't look as if anyone had trouble getting here this time. I only heard about it shortly before I was about to leave this afternoon, but my line is so unimportant that it has never been one of the problematic ones, luckily. Apparently, though, Irmi had some issues with the buses instead. We all managed to arrive more of less on time, though, so all was well and I am sure everyone had a very good time as always.

Of course my entry cannot be complete without a mention of food and beverages at Mr Jones. This time I treated myself to a chocolate milkshake - I asked about the milkshake's ingredients first which, depending on which waiter you get, may turn out completely different. Today I got the one I wanted, with extra chocolate syrup which gives it that nice dark shade that I liked the first time I had it there. Believe it or not, I preferred it to my beloved Bailey's milkshake this time. Shocking, I know. Since I had to eat out I also ordered the mozzarella sticks with fries (instead of the potato sticks that are usually too greasy for me). They were very good and came with a nice salad as well. I always find it hard to choose something to eat because, even though it all sounds great, the food can often be a bit underwhelming. The drinks are far better.

Yesterday I started a new shawl called Woodland (Ravelry) that I have had in my list of favourites for some time now. I want to use up my last bit of merino lace yarn and since I have a whole lot of it I needed a large project. I cast on the recommended 89 sts and now wish I'd done more than that. However, it will stretch well when blocking, so it is hard to tell exactly how big it will be. I really love leaf patterns, so this is just right. At first I'd wanted to use a similar pattern from The Knitter's second issue, but it seemed too simple and uninteresting in comparison. Woodland is just a little different and I wouldn't even mind leaving it unblocked due to the nice texture.

I am hoping that it will not be completely lost when I do block it in the end. It would be a shame. I could also imagine knitting this pattern with a thicker yarn that will bring it out even better, actually. This may be something to keep in mind for future gifts, perhaps.


  1. Hach schön! :) Danke für Deinen Bericht!

  2. When is German Rail NOT on strike? Good Lord, I don't know how you folks get around over there with all of those labor issues ongoing.

    (I couldn't link to your Woodland shawl)