Monday, 5 January 2009

WIP: Half a Pair of Monkey

My 50th project is halfway done by now: This morning I wove in the ends of the first Monkey, and it fits very well. For now I will probably go back to Lohengrin in order to finish the pair. Monkey is certainly a much faster knit, but I don't like knowing I have a started sock waiting to be continued. Of course I will have Monkey waiting instead, but I don't mind as much because it's an easy pattern to knit up in a few days.

I've made two changes to Cookie A.'s pattern: I knit 5 instead of 6 pattern repeats for the leg since that is long enough for me, and I used the Eye of the Partridge heel again instead of the ordinary knit heel. Actually, now that it's done I think it might have been prettier to leave in the plain knit heel, but it's not a problem. The yarn is certainly nice and soft and the colours are lovely and just a tick darker than shown in the first image.

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