Saturday, 3 January 2009

Secret Santa 2008

This is a very happy me with 6 lovely skeins of Sugar 'n Cream. You've got to love that name in itself! I came across this yarn on Ravelry, as usual, where I saw a number of people using it. I didn't know for some time that it was 100% cotton and mainly suitable for practical things such as pot holders, flannels, dish rags and the like, but I did like some of the colours a lot. As this is another Canadian yarn (why are so many of the best ones from there?), I couldn't yet get my hands on any of it, so I am very happy to now own quite a few skeins of it in a variety of colours.

The yarn came to me as part of a Secret Santa swap on Board77 that has been going on for 4 years every Christmas by now. It is always a lot of fun, especially because people from all kinds of countries take part so that you never know what you will get and from where a package might travel to you. So far, all my Secret Santas have been American, including this one. The box came from a family I have had the pleasure to know online for a few years already and that made it even more special.

The box, as soon as I opened it, was glowing with beautiful colours and I am already trying to think of ways to use the nice paper. It is far too pretty to throw in the bin. At first I thought the paper was merely there to protect the gift bag in the middle, but it turned out to be a number of wrapped and ribboned parcels arranged around it.

Inside, I found a dish rag from Sugar 'n Cream yarn and the 6 skeins. There was also a big tin of hot mint chocolate that I will have to try soon, seeing how it is really getting cold here at the moment (we're meant to have -20°C in the next few days, which is the kind of cold I have never experienced before). Inserted into the accompanying card was a family Christmas photo/card that I will have to put in a nice spot because it is very pretty as well.

I've been photographing the yarn and adding info to my stash on Ravelry all day to update it. I am so happy with it! There are so many things I plan to make of thes skeins - flannels, a shower mat, maybe another dish rag. These are all the kind of things that will come in handy when I move in with Mark this year.

My Secret Santa sent all the right things and I am still really excited about it. It was the best Secret Santa so far, both as far as the giving and receiving is concerned. I got the perfect gifts and my recipient was also very happy with what I sent her, which I had hoped she would be. In the end it was all much better than expected. Now I am already looking forward to our fifth annual Secret Santa even though it is still months away!

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  1. Lucky You! I'll bet you were on cloud nine when you opened your package to find those jewels! Have you started any new projects with them yet?