Sunday, 11 January 2009

Ribbons Flannel

It looks like I will be busy knitting flannels for ages! I don't mind; it keeps me nicely busy with small projects that are quickly done. This is my third already, knitted after a Butterfly Wash Cloth pattern by Joan Barnett.

  • half a skein Lily Sugar'n Cream Stripes, colourway 23143
  • 4 mm circs
  • rowcounter
  • crochet hook to weave in ends
Since this is the smallest needle size I have used with flannels so far, the cloth is a little denser than the others, which I like a lot more. It was harder making the ribbons, however, even if I left the yarn run loosely in front of the stitches. Picking them all up to form the ribbons in the end was a little tough, but you get used to it and find out how to make it easier for yourself after a few rows.

This flannel definitely needs blocking or it will look rather crumpled. That's also a nice look, but I blocked mine anyway to lie flat. Now it is lying next to the bathroom sink, waiting to be used. The rippled flannel has already seen a few uses and is great to use: it is soft, but you can still lather up, which is something I wasn't sure would work too well. It's not as much lather as with a shower pouf, of course, but it works. I won't feel too bad about getting rid of my poufs now that I have these flannels instead.

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