Sunday, 18 January 2009


Well, what did I say yesterday? Here are the pictures!

As it happens, I managed to finish the beautiful Lohengrin today. Since I took such a long break between the two socks, it has taken me much longer to finish the pair than usual. They have definitely been worth the trouble and I am wearing them right now because I just couldn't wait. They are surprisingly warm too even though I am used to slightly thicker yarn than this kind here.

  • 3mm DPNs
  • ca. 100g Schoppel-Wolle Admiral Ombré, colourway 1962 ombré
  • tapestry needle
  • row counter (essential to keep track of the intricate pattern!)
In the end, I didn't use up all 100g of the yarn, especially since I made the short-cuff version of the socks. It was strange at first to be knitting such a short version since most patterns tend to offer longer cuffs, but now that I am wearing them I must say that this may be the ideal length for me.

I am still in love with this colour. It is so warm and bright, just a happy colour that I wouldn't have thought is "my" kind of colour, but it was too pretty not to buy. I am glad I did now because it goes well with the pattern.

By the way, please ignore the hairy legs in the pictures. It's winter and I needed an extra layer of insulation.


  1. The thing with the insulation is so true but if you had not mentioned it, I would not have seen it! :)))
    You are right, the colour is very bright and beautiful and the socks turned out great as well! :))) The pattern looks a little bit celtic and I love celitc cable motifs.

  2. I love these socks, what a lovely pattern I could not resist to queue them myself.
    Line (of the SKL liste)