Thursday, 18 December 2008

Yarn Shopping and an Unexpected Gift

Yesterday I spent the day at the Christmas market in Frankfurt, but I didn't spend any money at all even though my grandmother gave me money with which to buy my own Christmas present. I was keeping an eye out for wool and somehow managed to miss the shops nonetheless. So when I got home, I ordered three sock yarns from Schoppel. It was tough choosing something! I knew I was certainly going to get their Banana Joe (Admiral Ombré) sock yarn because I've seen a German knitter's Pomatomas in exactly that yarn and they look stunning. It is just the right kind of yellow that even I'd like. I also had my eye on the corresponding blue yarn and added it to the shopping cart. But then it got difficult because I knew I had enough money left to buy one more skein. I couldn't decide between red and green or another blue so that, in the end, I bought something different altogether: a hank of blue hand-dyed sock yarn! It looked very pretty on the picture and I hope it will be just as nice when knitted up. It consists of three different shades of blue and should be interesting.

Then today when I got up I found a package had arrived. I wondered at how fast Schoppel was! It was too good to be true. In the end it turned out that the box was from my friend Tanja, who owns a home by ASA shop in Erfurt! I really hadn't expected gifts from her, particularly since we're both rather broke and, even though we are very good riends, we haven't yet met each other face-to-face.

I've been good and only opened one of the gifts so that I can leave the rest for Christmas Eve. There is a packet of Zetti Knusperflocken, which is crispbread bits covered in chocolate, an east German product that I hadn't heard of. It happens to be one of her favourite sweets so I am looking forward to trying them myself in a bit. One of the wrapped presents contained a bookmark from my favourite designer and the little buddy you see here:

He is from Tanja's shop and looks like a gingerbread teddy! I really like him and have named him Snowflake for obvious reasons. He will have a lovely home here with the other teddies (and I will have to tell Mark that he will have one more teddy to find room for when I move in with him).

This was a wonderful surprise and I can't wait to find out what the other presents are! I really hadn't expected to get anything and I feel quite overwhelmed with fuzzy feelings.

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