Friday, 19 December 2008

WIP: Heart-shaped Pillow

Like I said in an earlier post, I decided to use the knitting kit Mark's parents sent me to knit a pillow. On Ravelry I found a pattern for a winged heart by Lion Brand Yarn and simply omitted the wings. The yarn was barely enough for the pattern, so I had to leave out some of the purl rows in order to finish the pillow. The two parts are slightly different in size, but luckily they are very stretchy. The eyelash yarn is interesting as well because it consists of red and black fringes of which the black is much longer. Due to this it obscures the lovely red most of the time, but it looks good when it shows through.

Later on, I will sew a lining for the pillow out of satin from the kit before buying some proper stuffing. This will probably have to wait till the New Year and perhaps even till after my defence, which has been tentatively scheduled for January 30. I am looking forward to the finished pillow. Most of all, I wonder how big it will be once it’s complete.

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