Thursday, 4 December 2008

Tutorial: Row Counter as Stitchmarker

My row counters were a terribly boring affair and completely useless for knitting in the round. To make them easier to use while working on my Mojo Socks, I chose a few beads and some waxed thread to turn one row counter into a stitchmarker. It was easy enough and done in a few minutes. No tools were necessary except for a lighter with which I melted the ends of the thread at the bottom to prevent it from coming undone.

First, I threaded the top beads and a spacer (to prevent the beads from slipping inside the row counter) onto the thread so it formed a loop. I then inserted the thread into the row counter, added another spacer and beads at the bottom end and tied a double knot. I cut off the excess thread a few millimeters after the knot. With the help of the lighter, I carefully melted the ends, which then turned hard quickly after cooling and keep the knot in place. Et voilĂ !

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