Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Marie-Noelle Fingerless Gloves Modelled by her Namesake

Finally, Marie-Noelle can model her birthday gifts herself!
(Click for larger image.)

Today we met up for lunch before I spent the day at the Christmas market and I asked her to open her gifts early since I won't be going to her party this week. I really wanted to see her open them both - the gloves and the Firstarter socks. I originally wanted her to leave the socks till Christmas, but then I mixed up the two wrapped gifts and the socks were the first to come out. Oops. Anyway, I needed to see the fingerless gloves on Marie, so she had to open them too.

They really suit her very well and she was very pleased with them, I'm glad to report. It was well worth the effort and I still think these may be the most beautiful items I have knitted to date.

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