Sunday, 14 December 2008

Last Mojo Photos

Since we have some unexpected sunshine today, I took the opportunity to take some last pictures of my Mojos. Their true colour came out better in the darker pics, but now you may be able to see the Details a little better.

I've really fallen in love with the Eye of the Partridge heel and hope to use it again in the future. Surprisingly, I like it even more than my usual short-row heel. The colours just come out much better, and the pattern makes even that part of the sock look interesting. Normally, heels are a very boring affair, I find.

All right, this is it. No more pictures of these socks! Honest!


  1. Zeigen diese Fotos dann auch eher die Farbe oder nur die Details?
    Ach ja, der Sonnenschein tat richti gut. Hoffentlich bleibt das n├Ąchte Woche mal so ... :)

  2. Hey Nadia,

    Cute socks you made, they look so warm and comforable! I love your new blogskin too!