Monday, 22 December 2008

Amanda, or: The Doomed Hat

This is a project that, though finished, will only briefly see the light of day, I'm afraid. Since the last few times I was out recently it was really cold and I found that my existing hats can't keep me warm enough anymore, I searched for a pattern to go with my last ball of merino yarn and that would yield a thick, warm hat. I thought I found the answer in Gina House's Amanda Hat (Ravelry) and started casting on.

  • 1 ball of Schachenmayr nomotta Extra Merino
  • 5 mm circs
  • 1 stitchmarker
  • row counter
Knitting completely according to pattern, I still had a lot of yarn left in the end. That is a good thing too because I would have prefered to make a bigger hat. The pattern was already meant for a big head like mine, but apparently I don't have the same tension in my knitting. Still, it fit and was very stretchy. That, however, is also the problem: the stretchiness comes from the lace sections that, on pictures, didn't look like lace to me at all. Of course, lace = holes = draft = cold. So this wasn't the best idea for the original purpose even if the hat is probably great for autumn and spring.

Instead of stopping as soon as I realised how lacy it was all going to be, I decided to finish the hat anyway, keeping myslf busy and having something new to add to my blog. Obsessed much? Not me.

*starts frogging*


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