Monday, 24 November 2008

WIP: Nereid Gloves with Fingers

In March I knitted a pair of fingerless gloves based on Cookie A.'s Pomatomus pattern. After finishing my first pair of proper gloves with fingers only recently, I decided to simply add fingers to my Nereid gloves as well in an attempt to make them more wearable. They were nice as thes were, but I already have a pair of fingerless ones that I ended up wearing far more often. Also, it bothered me that the section covering the knuckles was unevenly long so that they didn't match properly. Instead of fixing that, I thought I'd prefer them as a spare pair of gloves when the other is in the wash.

I picked up 9 stitches on each side of the glove (back and palm) and cast on 6 more. (I only left the thumb stitches as they were.) That worked very well and I could keep the ribbing as well. This, incidentally, is what makes the fingers fit even better than in my first gloves, which I am very happy with. It also makes the Pomatomus pattern merge with the fingers without a hitch. I hate to admit that I like these gloves even better than my Koigu ones now! Someday I might knit these again with another yarn just for the hec of it, particularly since I wasn't able to knit with twisted stitches when I first started my Nereid fingerless gloves. It doesn't matter much, but the pattern would have been tighter and thus prettier.

I am very happy with this glove and hope to finish the second one soon, ready to wear in our cold weather now. It has snowed, so this is the perfect time.

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  1. The stitch pattern is just beautiful. See you (& them?) tomorrow. :)